Cream Soda by the Pool

I had nothing in my pockets
no money, no mints
no phone
no wallet

Clenched in my fist
two quarters, totaling 50 cents
Barefoot and dripping wet I ran
A pale Irish boy chasing after
5 pale Irish siblings, and one more little Irish lad
chasing after me,
Each with our 50 cents
Each with nothing in our pockets
Each racing to that familiar snack stand
where some faceless teenaged lifeguard
foolishly traded away ice cold cans of soda
for 50 cents a pop

7 cans
7 stones
7 pokes and pops in rapid succession.
As our lips wrapped tightly around the punctured sides of the cans,
sucking in the smooth cream soda,
We had nothing in our pockets
And it didn't matter

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