Creating Us

You were a beautiful idea that swam around in my head
It wasn't until I was ready to put you on paper, the feelings bled
From pencil to ink you became a permanence of my obsession
Details immediately sketched itself out into a suffocating addiction
Our story colorfully poured out right there in front of me
Vibrant information carefully danced its way across so freely
With every drop of you, my brush desired for more
What you were willing to give me was hard to ignore
This one of a kind creation was nearing complete
Until your true colors seeped through, showing its greatest defeat
I painted over all of your mistakes with a new coat of trust
Layers of black to smooth over the jealousy and its intruding lust
I can no longer create this version of us from my own imagination
I don't know whether you're real or not, or just a hallucination
I look down at this blank canvas with teary eyes wide open
This is what you now mean to me, this is our end

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