As the night reaches down to hug the ground,
the air trembles over the blushing earth.
The salt flats sing softly under gentle skies.

Beneath the blanket of warm, nocturnal breezes,
worlds intertwine, carrying a scent of wine,
of perfume peeling off and melting into sweat,
the sweet, tropical aroma of a careless decision.

Jungles tangle with tendrils of darkened dusk,
magma-red smears across the starry heavens,
hungry oceans collide with the vast seas of space.

When the earth settles and the night draws back,
the rosy cheeks of the rising sun tickle the plains.

The wind whistles through a shaking cavern,
and a bed of roses rises above gleaming stalagmites.
Each bud stretches to taste the rusting rays of light.

Sunrise floods through the cave's open mouth,
suffocating heat caresses the soft, pink walls.

The bare, sandy dunes sigh for the cosmos.

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