Let's create universes,
Galaxies, planets and quasars
A sun and a moon would fit perfectly around our quaint little planets
Let's have peaceful folk inhabit our worlds,
Singing, dancing, laughing and loving
We shall leave them be
Let them live their lives
Our legacy will rain down as life
No war in our worlds
Only creation
Interconnected love beings is what they should be called
Connection that lasts through lifetimes and millennia
There will be writings on the wall
These folk will depict much of their merry existences
We shall leave them be
Let them live their meaningful lives as we continue to build
Then you proposed this question to me:
"All we need is each other, right?"
All I could gather myself to say is, "Understood"
Words cannot match the frequency
Let's continue
A dream within our hearts constructed a legacy amongst the stars
Love is real
Just match the frequency

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