Creation started on the first and ended on the seventh
Beauty from the very mouth of God
When words made the Earth to form
And His great power uplifted the heavens
You should know exactly who did it
On the next day of Creation
The second day He put upon the universe
Light and Darkness
Like an artist to his canvas, He separated the light from dark
For the third, He made the sky
That the sun and moon have stood upon to this day
Then God made all plant life on earth
All beautiful flowers to all the delicious fruits
Then He made all bright lights in the morning and nighttime sky
The twinkling stars that make us stare in awe
The shining moon that leads us back to our family
And the blazing sun that warms our earth
Then God made all the fishes of the waters
From the fierce predators
To the most timid sea stars
They were all made on the fifth
The next day God made all land creatures
All the lions, lizards, and livestock
All zebras, giraffes, and birds
Then God made us
Us as a human race
He created us in His image
To care for each other, to watch over creation

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