The world began as a place shrouded in darkness,
a veil of nothing webs over emptiness and all was still.
Then something shifted in the fabrics, light breathed in
and matter grouped with life twisting.

A fox’s damp nose peeks up to the heavens,
ears quivering with respect for its creator
as the grass waves in its wake- the fox’s head bows.
The sun sets as the creator allows more change to its work.

Stars shimmer as His presence glides through
anointing them with the light they’ll share- the faith they’ll bring.
Children watch from far below, wishing and wondering
of where they came from and who they’ll be.
Safe with their creator in unity.

Faith thrives within the dove’s feathers
flapping the message across the nations, tom its recipients.
The meteors watch, intricately placed
in the star painted sky by the Creator of the sky.

Light fades into the start of night, gently placed cycle never
falling from perfection. Life beats together in harmony.
The world began as a place shrouded in darkness,
which brightened to our Creator’s design.

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