creature called loneliness

Loneliness was here again today.
I felt him draw near, i tried to get away but he was already here. He came from the shadows like a twisted grim reaper. He reached into my mind and began to burrow deeper. He freakishly grinned, when he told me why he was there. He replied in a loud voice "nobody likes you and nobody cares". He twisted knots in my stomach that began to make me choke. " and you never have any money, your always broke. I'm pretty sure everyone thinks your a joke." He got inside my head and played tricks on my brain. The more he whispered inside it, the more i felt insane. He started to chuckle while he told me this feeling won't end. Laughed even louder when he said " I'm not even your friend". When i asked him why, he replied " where do i start? Your not pretty, or funny and your not very smart." That's when he wrapped his bony fingers around my heart. The pain was so intense, it was more than i could bare. His nails like razors started to tear. Just when i thought i had suffered enough, he made his way further down and wrenched into my guts. I felt so sick to my stomach i could barely even breath. I cried out in pain and begged him to leave. When i tried to ignore the pain i felt inside, he reminded me that from loneliness there's nowhere to hide. "I'll always be here no matter how many people are around. Deep inside your soul i will always be found."

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