Cries from a Broken Heart

staring at an angel is what I saw.
just a fool to be blinded by the light shone upon.
when you believe that your kissing something from above,
you suddenly believe that maybe you'll fall in love.
promises and words of hope fill your heart but
he promises that he'll never take your tears as his work of art.
tricked you into thinking he was right,
you end up crying one night.
lies and broken empty promises is all you see,
scared to look into his eyes again because
you never knew this is what it would be.
a broken heart is all you feel yet,
you pray to god this isn't real.
you stumble your words through the pain
as you remember that first kiss in the rain.
all that flashes through your mind are memories from the past.
you wonder what you could have done to make it last.
His voice echoing like a lost voice in a tunnel
and all you know for now is that you're lost
and can't help but stumble
over your own broken pieces.

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