Crimson Killer

this rose, she has bloomed
and just as fast, she will wither and die
I smell the crimson blood scent on her
as her dirty petals float in
a pool of tears the gardener cries
she suffers in silence
her own thoughts are a plague
she can't escape the insanity
soon it becomes a violent rage
once a beautiful rose we all loved
given too much water, and too much rain
her thorns lash out at us
overgrowing with madness
killing anything in her way
do I dare uproot her?
I love her too much, he says
day after day, all this wreckage
she causes my garden
the crimson killer
she brings me nothing but pain
her petals are rich
and beautiful to the eye
but her stem is hard and icy cold
he forgot to read the caution
before he bought her
once planted
this killer will steal your soul

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