Crimson lyrics on broken pages of the heart

There I stand in the corner ,with knife in hand.
There i am complete with my
Bleeding heart in hand.
There i slowly watch it's beautiful
Beating tempo die down.
There i am happy!
Don't worry my dear beloved,
I feel no pain, but I am now set free at last.
Here I am numb and in peace, as I
Watch my blood fall to the ground.
I see it's all words now,
as each drop of blood
leaves me ,it's concealed of what
My heart once with held.
Now spelt all over the pages. Here
I am free to be me even if it
might mean pain and cutting my
Heart out of my chest, only to set myself free.
Yes! In each drop of
My blood ,words from my bleeding heart is just
waiting for you to read it . So if
You so do please!.
What does your heart speak to you my dear?
I will listen . For you are the pen that carry's my blood and
Bleeding heart in hand. So what is next my dear ?here is the key to my bleeding heart, what is your next confession for I will listen. As I wait hungrily for your blood to hit my pages

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