At first sight things are blurry and color is nonexistent. 
Up to four weeks the eyes start to differentiate. 
The eyes can be blind to what is exactly in front. 
Subsequently though the eyes tell the brain the truth. 
Crippling the brain is where things get dangerous. 
Eyes detect danger but the handicap ignores. 
A brain linked to a crutch must now rely on help. 
Help created the crutch to subliminally take control. 
At first sight you only walk with a limp. 
Up to four attachments will start to have a mind of their own. 
The eye can see all the sins laid out in plain view. 
Subconsciously though the brain allows the body to believe the lie. 
The crippled brain always chooses pleasure. 
F*ck Off Angie 

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Tags : #addiction, #recovery, #love
Key Words : addiction, recovery, drugs, rehab, rehabilitation

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This Poems Story

During my use I always felt crippled. My decisions, sight and what i heard were out of my control. Once I got into treatment I fely as if i was a new born baby getting all of my senses back without the crippling effect of drugs.