Crisis of Century

Scanty sacred water in a pail of tolerance
Restore not the harmony and peace.
Unholy objects if mingled at the source,
Ablution in the Ganges, absolve no evils.

Poisonous air and polluted water everywhere,
Even the food and drugs adulterated there
Nobody knows how much and where……….
Doctor or Practitioner, teacher or savior
Saint or monk, none can identify real or fake here.

Because of huge dearth of visionary and pioneer,
That eclipsed all ideals here and there.

Call for salvation lures from the Temple & Ashram,
To culminate hypocrisy only in the guise of devotion,
Malice at every step in life, if not achieved as desired,
Provokes that to hold the hands of violent deed.

Frenzied seventeen at the threshold of eighteen
In twenty first century, with their mind surgin’,
High intellect, and unbound progress, they’ve all
But companion, in the conflict of ambitions tall.
Being competitor for self in confused direction
They won’t get love, and won’t get affection.

Smart phone in hand and for luring amusement
Hear the call day-n-night for “Selfi” in addiction,
They love to play alone, only with self,
All other around they ignore and neglect,
Look for pleasure in adventure and bravery,
On a rail road, on impassable hills
or even in deep sea.

Jump into for serenity amidst frustration
Play the game, for which the “Blue Whale” beckon.

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