Crooked Lullabies

Child, dearest, sleep well tonight
Listen to these crooked lullabies
Tiredly fall asleep now these voices say
Bow your little head now, pray
Crooked lullabies to you I'll sing
Peaceful nightmares they will bring
To the man underneath the bed
Come out and play til the nightmare's fed
To the killer hiding in the walls
Torture til we hear the terrifying calls
To the snake slithering under the floors
Nightmares thrashing up against sleepy shores
Everyone now listen, women, men, children
The world of sleep has been invaded
Lullabies are crooked and fading
Lovely nights are now scarey frights
Listen child, hear me scream
Everything is never as it seems
Crooked smiles, laughing eyes
What you see will terrify
Soldiers of many feats
Courage sucked by nightmare's leach
Now sweet child, I love you dearly
But remember what I say clearly
Because this lullaby is oh so true
In a world falling through

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