Crooked Spine


You are wrong, you must be!
Do you not see the life I breath?
No imperfections in my lungs, only a red liver and yellow tongues.

Don't you say such devilish things with your mouth full of gold.
Don't you dare bury me with a household name.
When will I get to be old?

If I give you my hope, will you give me a month
To pay back everyone whom I should have never hurt?
I am not ready to move from marble to dirt.

You don't know anything about time, till you're timed.
From start to end ,you where born with your grandfather's watch.
You say I'll never know till I've climbed a mountain or built a city.

But I am still a boy!
Will I never know a wife,
Never teach the son I would of had to tie his shoes,
Never stand under a steeple and say, "I do,"
Never caress faith,
Never be loved?

Do I still stand with a straight spine?
Can you tell I'm dying?

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