Cross My Mind (Leslie's Song)

I remember when the trees were greener than they are now,
And the flowers gently swaying remind me of you somehow.
Warm smiles and vibrant eyes really get to me at Christmas time,
When every season changes I've got you on my mind.
You can't hide from the memories of love and all its splendid things,
I unravel at the seams when you cross my mind.

I hear your voice every night whispering as I dream,
Telling me to go on and take life gradually.
Enjoy your days in the sun ,time flies for everyone,
Be free not on the run from drugs and enemies

I remember when we were young skipping rocks at the creek,
The last summer we had together running up and down the beach.
Now you've gone to a better place and left me on my own,
I'll see you some other time your always in my thoughts.
Absent in the body is present with the lord is what they always say,
All these years my heart still aches I just take it day by day.

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