Cross Section

Eyes snap.Throat burns.
Saliva rots in glands.
Silence lingers,darkness falls.
Death runs cross the land.
Heart stops. Breath quivers.
But my mind's not slowed.
Black fabric. People cry.
In the ground I go.
Piled on, pound by pound,till i can't see light.
Smells like rot and other things,
I'll dine with friends tonight.
Worms nibble. Rodents munch. My skin is torn away.
I scream and shout, I yell; alas,
there's nothing I can say.
For words mumbled,underground,have no point at all.
Same with thoughts above the minds that have no chance to fall.
In the ground I sit and wait,
until my thoughts are hushed.
Depravity's not in my brain,even as it's mushed.
As I look up from way below, I stare at people quizzically.
Big dead eyes and passion gone; who's really lost life physically?
Eyes closed. Words unsaid.
Thoughts they rot in glands.
Silence lingers, darkness falls.
Death runs cross the land.

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