Crosses We Carry

Life is full of ups, downs, ins, outs, twists, turns, zigs and zags
With so many directions it’s no wonder one throws the white flag
To cave and give in is always the most appealing route to pursue
You convince yourself you have given your time; have paid your dues
The will of man is tested greatly throughout his time here on Earth
Starting at the very beginning; at the time of his birth
At times the weight is far too much; it just isn’t fair
You have endured all you can handle; more than your share
Stronger powers decide, it’s not up to you nor me, what we can carry
The crosses put on one to another vastly vary
Only the strongest face the impossible loads
The tiring battles, the long, never-ending, uphill roads
A change in mindset can turn tribulations into victory
The mind, your most powerful weapon, is life’s greatest mystery
Be thankful for what has been placed unto you
For you are blessed; one in a select few
Greater forces saw something that stood you apart from all the rest
God saves the impossible crosses for only his very best

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