Burst of light ignited life.

Our genome cooked up for eons.

Student of cosmos.

Leaning on truth my philosophical foothold.

Crosshairs on the science of democracy.

Jefferson worried about this secrecy.

Planet’s population in agony.

Homelessness and starvation, Such a tragedy.

Copernicus sent to penitentiary.

This is NOT a theory on conspiracy.

But an enquiry on religion and reality.

Soldiers on standby,

people longing for diplomacy.

Don't turn a blind eye; In a blink of an eye.

Many striving for supremacy.

This is pure fallacy.

schooling just to memorize.

"Pale-blue dot" needs amnesty;

Or a Frontal lobe, sharp as samurai.

This is a Battle-Cry for problems to rectify.

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