Crossing My Mind

Do I ever cross your mind,
like you cross mine?
Do you, for old times, wish,
At memories do you pine?
The good and bad moments,
Every single up and down.
Are you truly happy,
Or like me, have tears of a clown?
Do you miss the talks we had,
About our futures and dreams,
Or have you so easily moved on,
While my heart tears at the seams?
Have you forgotten the promises we made,
All the vows we had taken,
To be devoted to each other,
And leave all old paths forsaken?

If this be the case,
with heavy heart I relinquish you;
To some other, who I know,
Will give you love so true.
Because it is what you deserve,
What you so desire;
To give and be loved,
With a passionate, burning fire.
Just remember, as you walk in and out,
Cutting and threading, in lives, old and new twine;
That you will always still have a place in my heart,
Forever crossing my mind.

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