Crucial life

It was just few months back
When I was alive
The life felt very short
So short that I thought
To live
So fool I were !
I cursed god
I cursed everyone
One night when I was
In hospital
My mom came to me
And sat near my head
Placed her touch over me
And asked what happened ?
Why me mom?
Why ?
I asked
Mom smiled
I got confused
Mom said, " see beta,
The closest thing to God
Is the living body
It's the place where we think, we breathe, we love
And now you are going to submit
Your body to him
To be one of them"
And pointed towards the sky !

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This Poems Story

This story revolves around a person who is suffering from his last stage of cancer and he regrets that he got cancer when he wants to live his life to the fullest ! One day , he asked his mother why this happened with him! His mother replied that living body is the closest thing to God and he's lucky that he's got a chance to submit his body to be one of like them in heaven !