Crucial Quotes from the Truthful

The facts and my beliefs have much that's mutual
The harmful must be destroyed before the neutral
Truth is any word which proves wholly fruitful
Honesty is a discipline which keeps the mind youthful
Converting and comforting words still wage a duel
Wisdom and wiles insist the truth is dual
The dissention from half-truths is too cruel
Truth is a total tool used to rule
Like pearls before swine is the truth to fools
These are crucial quotes from the truthful

I have unravelled truths in my doodles
Only the cream of truths escaped Google
The truth seeks justice not approval
Do not scorn the truth be it usual
The truth is the useful and a needed fuel
To love the truth is nothing frugal
You seek truth only when there's naught to lose
I use the truth to wit and to woo
Being a jewel I knew the truth too soon
These are crucial quotes from the truthful

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