Crucifixion Non Existent

You came out to steal my soul be ready for your head to hold.
I have an army that has my back
it will rip you apart with a counter attack.
Get out of my thoughts no space in my mind.
Condemning my strongholds one more time;
Addiction- a perversion of the truth
eating away the lives of our toxic youth.
Telling lies that can only cause the agony of pain
only one way I know to take it away.
Blood, suffocating salvation masquerading
on the Mtn. of skulls dangling,
hanging arteries failing yet death is healing us all
while dicing evils pathetic claws.
Deep in the void a voice not heard
hell is dark no prayers no words.
The streets aren't of gold and you can't escape
it will happen- to be a day too late
is to have the slammed gate behind you
for your eternal fate.
To see this happen Jesus Christ would hate.
It would make his crucifixion non existent.

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