Crumbled Earth

The world around us is in a downward spiral,
and we're busy staring at each other.
Planets are colliding, throwing chunks of rock in all directions.
Somehow, through the rubble falling,
we can always find our way to one another.
In a cloud of dust, we stand together. Love in our eyes.
Hearts gaining speed.
And in this moment, we're not on an asteroid,
hurling through the galaxy.
We're just here. Just the two of us.
With gentle hands, we stitch the tears in soft ticking hearts.
Gravity doesn't exist when we dream of each other.
Our bodies float out into the dark abyss.
The stars trace a map for us.
Each passing minute is an hour, until we touch each other's skin,
sending us belting off towards our destiny.
A light that will last an eternity.

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