Crushed by life

We are born into darkness, then see a light
but do we see a light or just the blurs of life
Continuing confusion, led by higher beings
Following these emotions, like a stalker at my heels
I take flight with Anger, Joy, Heartbreak, Pleasure
Is this what life is about, or the plight of people

I ask myself, are we done now, do I have to?
Looking at failed attempts made at love
no connection with family, or him, he left, they left
His body made me feel, for a moment but its gone
To the loss cries, I am here, I am here, speak to me!
No one listens, like a bomb of silence, no cares.

Why keep waiting? just marry someone
Your not good for anyone. Your a mom now, ew.
Embarrassing, I thought you looked better before
I bow to depression, I accept sadness, sorry my baby.
I leave you in this cruel world, to grow, become better.

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