"Do you believe?"
The man asked his child.
"Do you believe my child?"
The man asked in a slightly louder tone.
"Do you believe in yourself?"
The man asked,
Now yelling at the deaf child.
The child did nothing but stare.
The man stared with a eye full of fiery intent,
But felt defeated at the same time.
"Cry out for what you believe in my child!"
Tears invading the mans eye sight.
"Show the world who you truly are!"
The mans hands waving about the small candle lit room.
"What you stand for!"
The man said in such a flustered tone,
He was clearly starting to cry.
"Who you truly are!"
This was enough for the man,
For he could not connect with his own child.
He sat on his bed,
Laid on his side,
And cried.
"Go show the world who you are."
He said now dozing off to a sad sleep,
"Go show the world my beautiful creation."

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This Poems Story

You know that strange time when you're parents tried to motivate you to be "all you can be" but you never truly listened? All those times they would fight with you, explain and give sound advice, just for you to go out and do it wrong all over again? Maybe you have experienced this, maybe not. But this one is for the moms and dads who give their all to their kids. Even when we don't listen, act like we don't care or are uninterested. This is for the ones who truly made us.