I wish I did cry often
or more
what would I wanna do that for ?
empathize on a situation I'm hearing from you
whether it's made up, or whether it's true
if that certain something has made you blue
i will take a moment and walk in your shoes
that's pretty much what I always do
but why cant i just shed a tear or two?

you see, I don't wanna do it for you
but for me
have you ever cried so hard that you were like
Now I'm relieved
what was stinging inside me
is now set free

and i can breathe

have you ever been so elated
so filled with glee
that water floods your eyes
and you can't help but blink
then it streems down your cheek
and you dont care who sees
then would you agree
that crying is what I need

you know when you cry about something sad?
whether that's why it was
or at first you were mad
like it's been rising for so long
so when it is had
waterfalls come pouring down
down your neck and to the ground
you groan and scream
and make so much sound
then exercise your face with a frown
and breathe so hard
then when you calm down
you're glad that it happened?

so more often I want to cry,
I won't even lie
even when I try
why cant i

why cant i

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This Poems Story

I wrote this when I realized I have not cried in a long time.