Is it really true?

Must women cry once a month for healing?

Why must we pick petals guessing if he loves me or not?

Plain and simple Simon says Am I cold or Am I hot?

I have no clue.

But, I know that I will not cave into rejection.

I have no time for depression and from my recollection,

I was there once before.

A vivid projection of many misconceptions replay memories in my mind

 and once upon a time you committed a crime but, you served no time.

 There was no justice served but, boy did you have some nerve.

You were once my best friend to the end.

But, the end came as soon as things began.


You touched a soft spot of my heart.

 Like a newborn babies head, bones and tough skin hadn't formed

 But, you didn't care you applied pressure instead.

So what is it now that I don't understand

it's like you told me just yesterday you loved me

 while we laid In bed

Now I hang my head, low in shame.

We as women are tired of the same lame games.

Headaches, heartaches and midnight pain.

No more midnight trains to Georgia.

 I can hear that annoying thought in my mind saying I told ya.

 And no matter how I try to fight back the tears

 Or how I try to forget all the past years.

 I close my eyes and I try but, at the end of the day.


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