Cry for All Eternity

Your love for me changed its ways
For I could love another and you'd not be fazed
I wished so much that you'd someday say to me
Without me you'd cry for all eternity
That the love that we share isn't like any other
That forever and ever we'd support each other
Through thick and thin our love will last
So a chance at love like this is not something to pass
But one day you changed and these words were not said,
You said you'd be okay if I slept in another man's bed
That your life would go on and you'd be okay
But for me, I'd feel like I died every day
So I pushed and I pushed for you to feel the same way as I
So that if we should part you'd also feel like you've died
But instead all that pushing has pushed us apart
It caused lots of fights and stabs at the heart
So with all of this known I now cannot stay
Your words hurt so much I must go away
So you can keep living your life without me
And I'll try and figure out how not to cry for eternity

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