Cry For Help

The knife to my wrist is a cry for help
feelings of relaxation, depression, and loneliness
The neglect and abandonment from my mother and father
feels like torture and a bullet in my heart
The emotional abuse that my own grandmother shows
makes me feel as if I have no purpose on earth
Thinking should I take the cowardly way out
By what means can my family belittle me
make feel as if I were dead
How could my grandmother call me such cruel names and be so hateful
I thought family defined love, support, and happiness
Constantly shedding tears
Asking myself "Am I really here?"
Actually having to pinch myself
hoping it's all a nightmare
My setbacks and struggles is what keeps me going
knowing that God has a plan for me
Praying for better days ahead
I know that if no one else loves me,God does
As I cry for help, thou shall remain strong

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