Cry of the Night

Late at night, I awake to the sound of the far-off cry.
It is so sorrowful that it brings a tear to my eye.
The grieving sound, it's like the crying of the dead.
Or could it be a cry from Orcus instead?
His cries, do they come up from the ground?
To where, I know not, this cry is bound.
The sound, it climbs inside my very soul.
I feel it may leave just a big black hole.
I tremble all over to the very bone
Like finger nails on a chalkboard can make one groan.
My heart inside, how it pumps faster and harder.
The sound, it grows higher and louder.
It feels like it will come crashing down upon me.
I become glued to my bed, afraid to flee.
Will he stop, will he ask for me?
Should I pray . should I plea?
I feel like I should scream, shout back.
And then, it is gone, just like that.
Save one lonely half yell, given way down the road
Like Orcus, himself, carrying his dead load.

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