In daisies and daggers, through fields of concrete
The sweat of ecstasy and loneliness tides;
Recollections of jarred distortions--eerily sweet
Sprinting past moments once stood beside.
Lust more my shadows stripped angrily still
Peering beyond that whimsical soul's pace;
Sunshine burnt in the busted ashes kneel
Drug from agony shores and left to shy grace.

Thrust in eye-pouring under shadows foretold
Bent spirit files aflutter in wind songs secure;
Footsteps dampen the voices of oceans old
While pain have yearns' memory of lingering pure.
To this end falls upon broken glass petals
Fear in strict walls and dance mercilessly blind;
Sleep by horned vials with sharp steam kettles
Tender tunes, slipped time to stone heart refined.

A torn hull under speckled winged role
Crashed crystal prism skies, drew wild's blood;
Mystic bone hands entranced blue sea whole
Indigent tears built in dispassionate dream's mud.
Stoic and iron-clad despotic minds clear
Whisperers prey that soft echoes cry;
Gentle spray that Dogwoods' dew near
Fragile, but from beauty of translucent sky.

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This Poems Story

"Crystal" is dedicated to my loving family who is always supportive of my dreams, no matter where they might lead. "Crystal" was born after I woke up abruptly and began to write down my swirling thoughts. There was no particular catalyst for the content, but as a law enforcement officer, my days are often spent dealing with negative situations. I have long felt that the drastic dichotomy of psycho-social factors and influences I handle between work and home would manifest themselves in a subversive way. I'm happy to see this is the fruit of the discord.