By Angel   

She stood there eyes red, face flushed from
no other culprit than pain.
Life slammed its ever revolving doors so she'd
taste the bitterness of reality.
With pierced lungs she took a forceful breath
to pump blood through paralyzed veins.
A foreign cry slipped from one's parted lips as
a sordid plea.
Such beauty was wasted on a tragedy, a betrayal
from a timeless friend.
A crime committed with cruelty from a love so
sweet, and filled with good intentions.
So strong her fighting soul, to be broken where
she could no longer bend.
All because of an overheard discussion that later on
became a confession.
A Promise of loyalty isn't bound by time nor place,
its tethered from soul to soul.
She had it all, but all she needed was to be
first not second in this unforgiving case.

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This Poems Story

This Poem is about betrayal that wasn't willful or intentional, But it was inevitable.