Peaceful living. Happiness surrounds.
Spouses and children. Crowded all around.

Worshipping Allah. Teaching the native tongue.
Tribes amongst tribes. Culture spread among.

Boys learning survival. Girls taught crafts.
Woman catching births. Men armed with staffs.

Consumed by power. Infatuated with greed,
Whites said, “Blacks aren’t human”. Hate they breed.

Blacks taken from their lands. Bound together on ships.
Thrown in foreign places. Conforming to whips.

Families separated. Christianity force fed.
Brainwashed on how to live. Hearts bled red.

Freedom seldom came. Still an everyday struggle.
To survive a daily life. It’s a task we juggle.

Being a black Muslim woman. My hardship is greater.
But I intend to succeed. Obeying my creator.

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This Poems Story

When I think of my culture, this is what comes to mind. It's a sad reality that many Africans lived and I am one of the many voices who dare to speak on it.