Cup Of Coffee

I bought a cup of milk with caramel sauce at the bottom today,
watching the barista stare at me in wide eyed confusion at my order.

I wonder if she will go home tonight and wonder why someone
would go ahead and order something so abnormal.

I wonder if she will come to the conclusion
that I had done it just to taste something
that reminded me of my summer time childhood
and how children don't care if things are not how they should be.

I'll wonder if she will realize
my order was the same as the caramel macchiatos she serves up,
without the bitter,
and how for a moment

I thought about her coffee
like I think about growing up

I wonder if she will think I didn't want the bitter taste
of caffeine and responsibility
but rather swift sweetness followed by a stomachache

because that's the difference between 10 and 20.
I wonder if she will think about growing up too.

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