The women of today are mad, in fact I think they’re stupid
The reason being that they’re all completely ruled by cupid.
This useless little fat Greek God, with arrows and a bow
Shoots at them and they just sit there, as silly as a dodo.
The poison must be really strong, they seem to get addicted
And will go out deliberately and hope to get afflicted.
Once they’ve been hit, they do go mad, they’ll steal your mobile phone
To see who you’ve been ringing up, and why you weren’t at home.
They’ll cry because you’re out at work, and weep then if you aren’t.
Get angry if you stay at home, and furious if you can’t.
Of course there’s men that get shot too, the effect is bizarre
They seem to go into a trance, and don’t know what they are.
They’ll jump through burning hoops and such, the spectacle is gruesome
And finally they end up simply tied down in a twosome.
They’ll then obey her every whim, snap sugar off their nose,
Sit down to pee, there can be no respect for those.
Recovery is very rare, there are no ifs or buts.
If only cupid shoved his arrows where the monkey put the nuts!

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