When Cupid shot his sharpened Arrow
Through the heart of a flighting Sparrow
It fell from a beautiful clear blue sky
To a world long, long gone by
Crashing onto natures sweetest feast
Disturbing the Queen of all Honey Bees
And as she raced to seek her vengeance
One poor sole was in her distance
And with just one lash of her tail
His body felt her sting impale
Creating a story never told before
To last the ages of all folklore
Through generations it has lost its first meaning
Misunderstood from a man running and screaming
A story told about a natural romp
Would never had been told if that Queen was stomped
And it got further messed throughout the ages
Twisting and turning as time turned the pages
Now the Birds fly too high for Cupid to decide
And the Bees build nests under shelters to hide
So it's plain to see, God didn't mean for Birds to mate Bees
But I'd like to think he meant it for You and Me

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