When i visit my parents on the weekends, my mother spoon feeds me a curfew.
How many 21 year olds do you know still have a curfew?
My curfew is so early it has a razor cell phone.
It sneaks into the living room past midnight to learn about sex from reruns of Degrassi.
If i had my own tv show, it would probably be
American Horror Story: My Mother When I’m 8 Minutes Late for my Curfew
My curfew is so early i don’t know how some concerts end!
I think my mother and her curfew are trying to unspike my drinks at an after party.
Her 11:11 wish is to keep me away from an unwanted cocktail mix in the back alley
Protect me from the judge who will tell me my lace thong was asking for it
The personification of my panties
Her curfew knows my crop tops or turtlenecks have no mouth,
but my body will be narrated either way.
The world will make these breasts somehow sound like yes
I think my mother has always daylight savings timed my social life
in hopes she can see another sunrise with me sooner.
My mother keychains a curfew next to my pepper-spray
Tries to taser the twisted darkness out of my late nights.
Prays her gravity will keep my Mars and Venus aligned right
That her embodiment of starlight
is the only thing following me home.
My curfew is so early,
my mother’s clock rings itself into her Hail Marys
arranges secret meetings between her Jesus and my Adonai
My curfew is so early
my mother’s 1 am alarm really thinks it resurrect this entitlement nailed crucifix of a body

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