At night I often look way up,
And dream of aliens saying, “Sup?”

The stars glow with bright blue light,
Or sometimes yellow,
If their temperatures are slight.

I am curious about the sky,
Thinking aloud as the days go by,
In fact, I feel just like a cat,
Constantly wondering, “Well, what’s that?”

Comets pass shooting by,
Moving fast, just the blink of an eye.

Big balls of ice hurtling along,
Their paths set, their journeys long.

Planets revolve in all their beauty,
Waiting patiently to be found,
By astronomists on duty.

We used to think the Earth was flat,
But our brains got bigger,
And we said “That’s not fact!”

We learned our little Earth,
Is just a small chunk,
Of a great big solar system,
Full of stars and space junk!

You see we were curious,
About what we saw way up,
Was it God or another,
Trying to say “Sup?”

So we learned it all,
As much as we could,
Wrote books and rewrote them,
As new things were understood.

We tried and failed,
Spent many afternoons,
Preparing and calculating,
To send a man to the moon!

The country cheered,
For the Space Race was over,
And our great flag was placed,
Right next to the rover.

The universe is extensive,
Yet we can no longer explore,
Cause to do so is expensive,
And we have other chores.

Today, we are distracted,
By troubling times,
Children locked in cages,
Who cannot stare at the sky.

Denial of the change,
Rapidly approaching,
Leaving our world in shambles,
And our hearts quite broken.

Divided we are,
By race and pride,
We forget our humanness,
When we don’t focus on the sky.

We need curiosity.
We need to look up.
And perhaps we’ll finally come together,
When the aliens say “Sup.”

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