Curiosity: a Second Chance

He is beset by the absence of her embrace, her touch
How long will he let the pain and loss define his life
An enduring struggle of loss and gain
A monumental achievement through the tangles of deeds
The distant whisper of the past haunts
A single tear leaves the eye but not the heart
Leaving an empty taste of remembrance
He is who he chooses to be and that's what bothers
As they move apart, precariously
And as the night becomes dark he waits, waits
Nothing but regret, fear, of once was, now gone
Cherishment into the depths, he searches for remains
Nothing was found but scattered evidence of reality and it entails
Mentality stricken and emotions heightened
An excuse he makes, but suddenly jarred sight of mistakes made
A second chance, no never, as though it seems
A curiosity sways the senses, but won't return what once was
A heart scattered, a face grayed
A once was, now strayed
A single touch, falls into ashes
Hearts joined, now crashes
Crashes through the memories of the forgotten
And a plea of return and a request for a single chance
A single web of missed possibilities
Roams and tangles through the heart
And a soft churn of events drains a smile
Knowing the curiosity was a hopeless case
And a second chance, was a figment erased

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