Curiosity killed the cat*

Inside a tureen of crystal water
i saw a brightly golden meal
a tiny little morsel
i wouldn't have to peel.

curiosity got the better of me
as i intently watched it circle
i reached in through the hole on top
and proceeded to fall right in.

i splashed around, i can not swim.

then the goldfish questioned him,
"why did you enter in my bowl?"
"did you think i'd be your next meal?"
"get out of my aquatic home."

Usually i have got your tongue
when you have nothing to say
but this gold fish was pulling my tale
no joke was being played

i tried to get out as fast as i can
i was hanging on for dear life
pulling me back in, the tables had turned
thank god i have nine lives.

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Key Words : Rhyme, Cat, Goldfish, Preying on others, Defending Home

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This Poems Story

Poem from the eyes of the cat. You just don\'t break into someone else\'s home or you\'ll have a price to pay. How many idioms can you find?