Curious Breed

Curious people dont give up so easily.
There is such Hope that comes with curiosity,
Leaving one interested to see what is yet to be seen in ways it will manifest.
In life, it takes you from one place to the next;
A dare to seek though life claims it will vex
Like a murderer,
But for the meek it will push just another step further.
Curiosity is company to the man lost asunder;
The one drawn apart who cant help but wonder,
"Will I truly die alone?"
And for sin "Will my death atone?"
Curiosity gives the vision to find out something different,
And from what is now absent
Arises more than what's present,
But that which was absent will surely transpire
To appreciation in patience and ambition like fire
From whatever was missed because of utter desire.
"To curiosity" says Hope, "you are not such a liar!"

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This Poems Story

There is a drive in curiosity itself (in a positive structured manner) that will overcome the essence of hopelessness to see the frame of the next phase in life. Its introduced as an option in an optionless mire.