Curious Indeed

I find it very curious
I find it quite odd
That some of the smartest people on this earth
do not believe in God

As it is written:
The fool saith in his heart
there is no God

An educated fool
is a curious item
Much like a plain shower curtain being used as a beautiful dress

With all of the knowledge he's accumulated
and so many theories he's articulated
He still can't explain how matter was created from nothingness

Therein lies the conundrum
That unsolvable mystery
That scientific bugaboo
How did the universe come to be?

The fool says he truly believe
an unimaginably dense subatomic seed
sparked a big bang and blew up into the universe we now see

So I ask: where did that seed come from?

He says that seed always existed
It's the same thing I say about God
Which makes his answer curiously odd
I believe God created all things from nothing
It's a feat that is unparalleled
This is too wonderful for a fool too believe
But a fool doesn't believe in hell as well

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