Curry Laksa

The Intensifying mix of Nyongya spices, Dancing
in the Orange-red sea; The first thing I see...
The Two big shrimps waving their tails, as they
Shrink in size in the Hot Mist;
Sending an extra punch of Freshness...
Accompanying the shrimps, is an ever-changing
picture jointly crafted by the great mass of
bean sprouts, deep-fried tofu, eggs...; Enriching
the bowl with layers of lively colours...& texture.
Hiding underneath all these, is the main crew,
the often neglected lead, the slightly chewy
Yellow Noodles, Each swelling due to the
gradual influx of Soup Base...
With a squeeze of lime, Propelling a flavour of
intense sourness, An exciting blend of here an
unmet excellence of Food Quality...
As the steam
freestyles its way up & touches the ceiling,
Swirling in front, a long-missed smell of familiarity,
in such a far-away world,
is really a blessing in time for the homesicks...
Oh, Seems that Now is the Best time
to indulge myself in this Rare Trial
of traditional Nyongya delight.

Yum! The one and only, Curry Laksa!

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