Cursed Love

Please, do believe me. I tell you the "real unreal reality".
Try to hear my roaring heart.
When you look at me, Please do see me.
Whom you build will never hurt you:
And if that's who's to damage you!
Whom you love will never hate you:
And if this one cheers everyone but you!
Can I understand what's up around?
Do I really know when I think so?
Whom you think about won't desert you:
And if this one never cares for you!
Whom you believe in will never bait you:
If it's the one who continually defrauds you!
When you are much more than totally deceived!
When you lose your way on your own path
And become a corpse which dropped its soul!
Whom your heart beats for won't forget you:
And when that's who never remembers you!
Whom you live for never wishes your death:
But that's who moves just to kill you!
Can I state when I talk all what I want to say?
Dare I unite time and space, as once 'we' would do?

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