Cursed to love who that can never
be mine; loving from a distance for
the rest of time.
A choice was made long ago; a torn
decision from the depths of the soul.
Best of friends changed by time,
hearts grew fonder, putting them in a bind.
For her heart had already been claimed
by one familiar and true.
He loved her and she loved him.
It was far from new.
Ripping her soul and choosing one,
a difficult task not easily done.
A part unknown to her had been
brought to life. Causing unyielding
heart-wrenching strife.
Laughter, desire, and a thirst for more.
Their mutual love was written through
him on chords.
Even though he offered something
that she longs for still, it wasn't
enough to bend her will.
Her fear of the unknown and overwhelming
doubt suffocated their love and
snuffed it out.
Familiarity would hold the winning key
for the two doomed souls that can
never be...

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