Curtains, Curtains My Darling

Just past the hour, we arrived at the same place at exactly the same time.
Remember the Curtains My Darling her hundredth and one line.
We've been through this before, and it seems almost a thousand times.
But why do we keep doing this to eachother, when we both know it's a lie.
The intensity is too much for me, i ask myself what about your life?
When all i can hear from her is remember the Curtains My Darling one hundred and one times.
Your mood, is my mood and your demise is my demise.
Then synchronizing our watches while you turn me on, then i'll do mine.
The night of all nights, with a captivating full moonlight.
It's beaming through the bedroom window.
Of the twelfth floor of the Chateaux heights.
Slowly shadowing of your soft silhouette the silky see through you're wearing.
It speaks to me desire, and to desire your body.
Ahh the spells of spells a night in Italy, Rome then back to Paris.
Again Remember the Curtains My Darling, spoken from my desirable darling.
She then gave me all her love and in return i gave up my body.
Ahh it feels so good finally we can release, nothing else can only feel more right.
The way we both feel about eachother lying here in the shining moonlight.
No thoughts of time, only romance with no regrets.
Just two lovers in love, loving eachother this way again.
Remember the Curtains My Darling, the more the privacy the more the surprise.
Just now i remembered how beautiful she is, even with her bedroom eyes.
Again i asked her, because i love to hear her accent.
"Say again what you said, but only with more surprise."
Then she said it with that accent again.
Remember The Curtains My Darling, and i still love to hear her say it.
Especially even from those beautiful bedroom eyes.

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This poem is about the romance between two lovers that can't seem to get enough of eachother no matter whether it's wrong or right despite their separate lives.