Cut the Rope

She is the first thing on you mind when you awake
And the last thing as you drift to sleep
She gets all of my morning hellos
and all of my good nights
She takes and takes
As I try to give and give
Trying to hold us together
She gets the best of you
When I barely get a kiss
She knows you better than me
Because you tell her everything
You ask if I am jealous
Only a fool would say no
Because she has a part of you
That I don't want to let go
This tug of war is killing my soul
But I have to stay strong
Trying not to let go
I've been drug through the mud
But I'm still hanging on
I'm fighting for us you see, our family
And all of our memories
I want us to conquer this together
But I feel I'm fighting alone
So how am I supposed to hang on
When you keep trying to
Cut the rope

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