Alone and forgotten, she lies alone.
Crying and broken, her light outshone.
All she wanted for someone to hear her cries.
She instead felt hatred, for the lines on her thighs.
Wrists, legs, hips, chest,
She feels her pain erupt through her breast.
Heart growing heavy, she sets down the knife,
For this won't be the time, which to end her life.
Blotting the drops of deep crimson red,
She curls up alone, she rests on her bed.
No one to hear as tears and blood flow,
Her silent secret, for no one to know.
The next day she applies her smile with care,
She covers the lines that only she knows are there.
She smiles through all the dastardly names,
She merely smirks at the slight pinch of pain.
Again in the bathroom, she lets her tears go.
Only this time she's not careful and the others, they know.
She gets caught before she can attempt to run.
Their sick little game has already begun.
She crumbles and falls, a bundle of pain on the floor.
Her clothes are ragged and in some places torn.
She whimpers as she drags herself up to her feet,
But falls once again as she silently weeps.
Why must they hate her ever so much?
All she wanted was love and to know a gentle touch.
Her tears flow down her beautiful face,
As her life fades away, without leaving a trace.

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