pitter patter, pitter patter
the voices grow faint in their meaningless chatter.
i gaze at the rain and deep into thought
perceiving what would become of my hopeless distraught.
the outside world blurs and becomes none but silent
my body aches with feelings that are horribly vibrant
as if nothing else matters but my problems inside
leave life a seeker and me to go hide.
a push of a button and the sound of a click
words that aren't verbal, yet pain like a kick
the comments, the questions, the toneless opinions
can bring a being into the darkest of conditions.
the streams of salt that pour down my face
leave me longing for a warm embrace
alone and unsheltered until someone's there
the comfort of another--like a breath of fresh air.
the internet possesses no forewarning
of how it may hurt to get up in the morning
to see the masked faces of those that do harm
who posed as your friends yet leave you disarmed.
the media delivers so much that can hurt
yet i will rise like dust from the dirt
i will wake like dawn's early bird
and let the upset pass through me unheard.
to rise is to learn--to grow from experience
to find a true friend and to bond with coherence
when the rain is nothing more than a pitter patter
to leave it behind as incompetent grey matter.

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This Poems Story

As a thirteen-year-old girl, I of all people know that middle school can be an extremely hard couple of years. Social media is thriving, and the crave for attention and popularity is overwhelming. I have witnessed far too many people, including myself, being victimized across the internet and put down for their insecurities. Although anyone in a cyber-bullying situation would feel hopeless and alone, it is important to recognize the friends you have and rise above the hurtful things people say.