Touched by his morbid disguise,
Laughed upon by all his lies.
You look into a mirror of pretend.
These vibes of horror that you send.
Your're caught by the look of disgust.
With these bedroom eyes full of lust.
He touched your skin of fear.
These goose bumps rattled, why so near?

The echoes of her cries,
Another horror story, without a goodbye.
He walks the dreaded streets at night.
Long pitied stretches, what a fright.
He only comes out when your asleep.
When he arrives, you won't hear a peep.
All you will hear is the voice of your own scream,
as you wish that this was all just a dream.

He forces his hate deep inside,
You have no choice but to abide
You want to fight, run, scream, and hide.
But you know it's no use, you will only be denied.
You can feel yourself slipping away,
Just hoping and wishing for a brighter day.
Deep down you know its out of your reach,
Because bad days seems to stick to you like a leech

You finally come to, there's a stench of blood.
Your emotions start running in like a great big flood
It's finally over you made it through another day
Now it's time to wash it all away.
Oh how you wish this cycle would just end.
But it's never ending like it's some kind of trend.
You are so tired but you can't rest easy just yet.
You know tomorrow will just brings another threat

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